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There’s what you say, and there’s the card you say it in. When you need to nail both, our greeting cards are ready to rise to your occasion, with all the Lady Jayne flair you’ve come to expect.

  • blank inside
  • gold foil and gem embellishments with dimensional accent
  • comes with coordinating envelope & foil seal
  • 5" x 7"

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SKU : 83190

  1. Marina Stephanie Geracoulis

    The reason I looked you up on line is because my niece gave us the most adorable sparkly&silvery little card for Christmas and I was hoping to buy a couple boxes for next year. The number on the back is 27032A if that means anything. If they are sold individually then it would not be feasable as I sent out @ 100 cards last year and that along with the postage was alot. Your cards are beautiful and sentimental but most people throw them out. Not me!!!

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